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Sunday, August 31, 2003

monetizing weather feeds

chris has rolled out the latest cool machine-readable syndicated data distribution widget, the rss weather feed.

now, this is all geeky and glorious in its own right, but what would the Business Model Of The Hour be without taking geeky things and turning them into crazy business schemes?

so, here’s the model for this hour. take this rss-weather feed and get everyone subscribed and using it. then slowly introduce minor errors – nobody will really notice, and nobody will blame the “syndicator” – after all, we all know that weather forcasts are.. well. imprecise.

then, you roll out the new subscription-fee-supported uberweatherfeed, which is more precise, because it blah blah… blahblahblah… blah. and thus, improves the accuracy of your individual weather feed. from there, you just back up the money truck…

posted by roj at 5:27 pm