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Thursday, August 28, 2003

the patriot act has a website?

a law with an OFFICIAL, SANCTIONED website?

[i really should do more homework on these things, but i find a hook and hang myself on it – and i do it for you!]

not only is the department of justice [probably] spending tax dollars promoting the victory act (jail time for ashcroft?), they’ve built a whole web site to promote/support the usa patriot act. can anyone, anywhere, point me to a prior situation where a united states government executive department has created a website to support and defend an existing law or appopriation? is this unprecedented?

i don’t know if this falls into the realm of 18 U.S.C. 1913, since the patriot act is already passed, but it certainly doesn’t sit well with me. (and i haven’t done my homework to find out if there’s another law out there that might apply).

doesn’t ashcroft have a war on terror to win? and a war on drugs? and a war on naked statuary? and a war on crime? and a war on poverty? (ok, maybe that’s not his department). does he really have all this time to take off [unpaid, on leave, of course]?

posted by roj at 7:02 am