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Wednesday, September 3, 2003

distributed blog modification

some time ago, this blog was “tagged” by the now-becoming-infamous comment-spam-from-china.

some people blocked the ip within movabletype, some found interesting old techniques for stopping the non-humans. i apparently took a different approach than most people, blocking the entire network containing the offending source ip from “post” operations anywhere on the server. this was a bit of a snap decision, but since i had only two incidents to work with, and only one ip, i figured “read but no posting” from the nice people in tianjin provice was the least offensive solution in the short term. if anyone over there really wants to get in touch with me, well. i’m not hard to find.

i also contacted the host of the site that some of the blog-spam links (the site that got dumped in this blog), but it seems to be still up and functional (so much for abuse contacts).

since then joi‘s had several more spam-comments show up, and the informal survey of offenses to date suggests they are all coming from the same network in china.

anyway, this is turning into an interesting new phenomenon. some time ago, i posted this approach i thought might be interesting to solve a less-obvious and less-intrusive “bad behavior.” i wonder if there’s a way to extend some form of this concept to the well-inter-networked universe of the blogs?

update: fixed a bad link.

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