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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

a look back at sunncomm

since i started talking about sunncomm, it’s been a bit of a saga here (1, 2, 3, 4), and i’ve used it as an example to emphasize a few of my own thoughts or theories.

i left myself a note to come back and look again, and there really isn’t much to say… (that’s not terribly surprising)…

here’s the little bit of sunncomm news i could find: on october 29, sunncomm announced their latest deal for cd-damaging (to quote kevin) code. since then, the stock price has dropped 30% (from 10 cents to 7).

for all the bloggers out there that followed this story along with me (i hope i got everyone), the bright light on sunncomm haasn’t killed it yet.

a quick thanks to everyone who bounced thoughts around with me. i’ll probably revisit sunncomm again later, if i can still find them.

posted by roj at 5:19 am