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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

barlow call to arms

with the inauguration out of the way, i thought i’d take a little time to ponder one of the writings of one john perry barlow. yes. governor schwarzenegger. i said it.

It’s time for the experientialists – those of us who don’t get our reality from television, who actually read about what what we can’t experience directly – to emerge from our psychic sanctuaries and become seriously involved in the ugly business of politics.

this is a call to arms – intellectual arms. there are less than 12 months left until the united states gets to test broken voting machines in an effort to determine our own fate. demand functional machines.

we’ve seen the bush vision of the world, and it’s time to decide if it’s what we want. if not, we need an alternative. a bold, american, visionary alternative. it’s time to consider the issues that are bigger than ourselves.

i’ve decided that this is not my america. you need to make up your mind. soon.

i’ve done some (in my own ironic way), and i rant occasionally.

i need to do more. you need to do more.

update: joi is doing more

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