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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

music plasma – the music visual search engine

i direct your attention to this fun web widget – music plasma.

out of curiosity, i thought i’d take a peek at a few of the stand-out musical acts of 2003: the rolling stones (distinguished as the highest average concert ticket price at $158), 50 cent (distinguished as the most powerful artistjuice of 2003), and clay aiken (distinguished as the least-powerful artistjuice for an artist with a #1 hit in 2003).

MusicPlasma_50Cent_s.jpg   MusicPlasma_ClayAiken_s.jpg   MusicPlasma_RollingStones_s.jpg

to have just a little more fun, i’ve made these thumbnails too small to read – so you can guess which is which (clay aiken, the stones or 50 cent) before looking at the bigger picture.

[via zephoria]

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