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Monday, March 1, 2004

voting is for old people

there’s some controversy over this shirt being sold by urban outfitters, and the various theories that it’s intended to promote apathy among young [democratic] voters as part of some agenda by the old [republican] urban outfitters executive.

i’m all about stirring a little with a silly t-shirt….

… but there’s more here. and more i should talk about in some depth. there’s a hint of truth under this controversy… and it’s something i’ve been considering a bit in the past several weeks (and, if i am blessed with the platform from which to shout, you may be reading about that in a few months…)

in any case, i want to drop the thought here that political power is less and less about voting, and maybe the young (as in “not old”) people have seen a bit of that clue.

(then again, maybe i’m giving them too much credit 🙂 )

posted by roj at 11:55 pm