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Tuesday, May 4, 2004

a search for celebration music

i’d like to discover some new music…. lots of new music, actually. but i’m looking for a particular kind of music…. celebration music.

so, from all the faithful meta-roj blog readers, i want your opinions. i want your filters. what i want to discover is music of celebration from around the world, and to avoid american pop music. send me your thoughts on the music that makes you think “man, that’s a happy song” when you hear it… the music traditionally played at weddings from some far-flung culture that i don’t know well… the chanting… the drumming… the rhythm that moves people to joy…. the music that makes people feel good, get happy and maybe even dance. the theme is celebration, the world is my oyster, so please fill my ears…. point me to your favorites.

(bonus points if it’s cc-licensed or if i can actually get in touch with the creator)

posted by roj at 1:08 am