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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

senators can’t vote either

maryland senator mikulski had an experience with diebold recently, which might explain some of the things coming out of congress lately….

Mikulski has voting machine mishap [ap via the herald-mail, september 14, 2004]

Mikulski was at the Takoma Park Folk Festival Sunday when she came across a booth demonstrating the AccuVote TS touchscreen machines manufactured by Diebold Election Systems. As she sampled the new machines, the senator apparently inadvertently brushed against the sensitive screens so that when she tried to vote “no” on a sample ballot, the machine displayed her vote as a “yes.”

so it seems that even with years of voting experience (she was elected to a city council seat in 1971), senator mikulski had a little trouble getting her intentions registered.

yeah. i’m confident in my election.

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