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Tuesday, November 2, 2004

poplar bluff high school student id

High School ID Badges Prompts Complaints [ap via abc news, november 2, 2004]

A new policy at a high school requiring students to wear identification badges has prompted some parents to complain and students to protest the move as an infringement on their rights.

ok, just another blip on the “your papers, please” trend… but then if you scratch the surface… interesting… but not terribly so, until we get a quote on this…

High School ID Badges Prompts Complaints [ap via abc news, november 2, 2004]

“We need to be able to identify people without having to walk up to them and ask if they are a student or a teacher,” said Sheldon Tyler, an assistant principal at the high school in this town of 16,700 about 150 miles south of St. Louis.

according to the poplar bluff r-1 schools Annual Public Report, 2002-2003, there were 1345 students in the high school in 2002-2003, so i imagine it’s still close to that this year. combine that with a 21-students-per-teacher ratio and a 229-students-per-administrator ratio, and we have 1345 / 21 = 64 teachers and 1345 / 229 = 6 administrators in the building.

i just have to say that if the assistant principal can’t identify 70 staff people in a school without id badges, they need a new assistant principal. i’m sure they expect the teachers to be able to recognize all the students in their classes.

now, i wonder why all this fuss over a little town in missouri?

This young century will be liberty’s century. By promoting freedom at home and abroad, we’ll build a safer world and a more hopeful America. We’ll reform our systems to help our people, to help people realize their dreams.

the president visited the school. nahh.. no connection.

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