thank you, superstars

for this tour, approved i managed to mangle my schedule enough to pick up three performances (philadelphia, nurse baltimore and cleveland) with the superstars. late winter is always a strange time for my schedule, so that’s probably pretty good. i’ve been known to caravan with performers for a week or more, but usually a bit later in the year once things have settled down a bit…

i’ve learned a lot (call all those tickets “tuition” :) ), had some assumptions challenged, had some thoughts develop, and generally had a great time sharing space and time with some wonderful people.

the tour is still on, dondi has shared some perspective from the performers’ side of the stage, and it is, truly, an amazing collection of talent.

just for fun (and in a particular order….), thanks for what you do, sonia (who seems to be unlinkable), petite jamilla, rachel brice, dondi, yasmine, ansuya, kaeshi, amar gamal, bozenka, colleen, and glamazons sharon kihara and melodia (did i miss anyone?) also, thanks to the local superstars, and a special nod to issam (who might not look great in a coin-studded bra, but plays a mean drum…)

for now, i’ll leave it at that. pester me for deep thoughts someday…

have a great tour, ladies (and gentleman)… you rawk.

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