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another forbidden dance

shan brought this to my attention a while ago….

if you’re dancing and someone decides that it’s “repulsive to public taste and morality and likely to cause fear and annoyance” you, too, might be banned…

of course, if you are, you’re all welcome to come dance in my seekrit, secure, undisclosed location. i’ll make crepes. Continue reading

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dondi on being a superstar

this has already made the rounds pretty much everywhere, but in the interest of personal space, i felt i should include at least a link here.

dondi has made public a little bit of her impressions and thoughts on life on the road as a bellydance superstar.

rather than “borrow” the whole thing and pasting it here (as seems to be the habit with this piece, oddly enough), please go there and read it. and if you’d like to leave your own thoughts or stir some trouble, feel free to do so here…

i had some of this conversation with yasmine after the baltimore show, so this was really strange to see come back in written form. anyway, it’s a well-written piece… it’s honest and sincere and i applaud that. Continue reading

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tribal dancing in nebraska

the story….

A belly dancing workshop, co-sponsored by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Women’s Center and the Indian Student Association, was held Thursday night for Women’s Week in the Nebraska Union Centennial Room.

Continue reading

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extreme flexibility may hinder dancers

reuters has a story on the possible impact of benign joint hypermobility syndrome on the careers of ballet dancers. Continue reading

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dancing with robots

from the boston globe, a story about a future dance partner…. Continue reading

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Congratulations Zahirah!

i wanted to offer a little tip-of-the-blog to an amazing local dancer, zahirah, now performing at marrakesh, and (if the rumors be true) one of two local superstars (the other is nerissa) performing in Baltimore tomorrow night with the bellydance superstars.

so, congratulations, zahirah (and nerissa) – you are amazing. Continue reading

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[via livejournal’s bellydancers…]

Sherifa Zuhur and Leila Ahmed on The Connection talking about Druze-Egyptian superstar Asmahan.

replay here [RealMedia only, I’m afraid] Continue reading

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Setting the stage for young dancers

A story from the York Daily Record (Pennsylvania) on the rising popularity of dance.

The number of amateur dancers nationwide has surpassed 3.5 million, and the popularity of the art form shows no signs of slowing.

Continue reading

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