Giving thanks

it is thanksgiving, find and i just want to single a few people out for their contributions to my universe in this place dedicated to dance.

so, emergency in oblique, public fashion…. i give thanks to…

you for our time, attention and participation (i assume you’re reading this).

then, without making this too long, thanks to all the dancers who have come through my life, passed before my lens, captured my attention, shared their time and their dance.

and finally, i want to single out a few people for various reasons

lucy, who is doing truly amazing things.

artemis, who is energy incarnate.

saphira, rachel and the rest of sahara dance, who are out there, making things happen.

asharah, ya meena and the martiya possessed, who are pushing boundaries.

another rachel, who is a new form unto herself.

amustela, who is on fire (and saving kittens).

dianna, who has been enthusiastic and supportive from the first.

taaj, who has lent me her thoughts, her smile and her patience.

lotus, who is energy and passion.

kaeshi and pure who are doing important things.

Melissa Zarn, who has helped in many little ways.

Tanna Valentine, who is gracious.

Naraya, who is joy and enthusiasm.

i also want to thank jim, korie, frank and sharon who have contributed to my own dance effort this year, which i hope you will see next year.

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