provocative commentary on the superstars

from monique monet via the guilded serpent, a no-tongue-bitten up-front commentary on the bellydance superstars and their role in this middle eastern dance culture.

update: more here from livejournal, with a sort of survey on the superstars.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    on miles one huge nit i’m going to pick on monique about is the miles davis hook in this editorial. monique does point out an embarassing detail about miles copeland –

    “His site indicates that he somehow continues to manage the career of Waylon Jennings (who died in 2002)”

    i’ll be the first to step up and point out the little details, but that opens her up to the same level of criticism. i feel compelled to point out that the other miles – the one in half of the photo in the story and the one monique talks about…

    “Years ago I had heard Miles play at the Monterey Jazz Festival and ever since then Iíve held him and his work in high esteem”

    is dead. miles davis died in 1991. so, not updating a website for a couple years after waylon’s death is one thing, but if monique actually thought miles davis was the one behind the bellydance superstars a decade after his death, well… that’s a whole level beyond.

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