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bellydance in time

it’s been a couple weeks since i surveyed the media landscape for news of dance, so today i thought i’d take a cruise around the web and see what is to be seen… and i find a big media outlet running this headline: Belly-Dance Boom

that outlet is time magazine’s online edition.

opening with a quote from fahtiem (“I have enough work to keep me busy almost all day, seven days a week”), the article is mostly focused on fitness and health aspects. Continue reading

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More amazing Googlejuice for the dance web

highly unexpected, particularly considering the multi-city release of the film, but… at this moment searching google for american bellydancer movie produces this page as the first hit.

so, if you’ve got an opinion on the film and you want the world to know… get in there soon… Continue reading

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American Bellydancer – The movie

Anyone seen it? Any comments?

It’s in DC on March 24 … Continue reading

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Share your opinions

just a quick request to the performers visiting (and others, but i’m particularly interested in performers right now)….

please drop by the forums and share some thoughts on the local dance venues.

obviously, the emphasis is pretty heavily on restaurants – a while ago i dropped a bunch of places in there to get started, but if you’re a registered user, you can add the ones I’ve missed.

looking forward to your thoughts….

update (2005.03.17): thanks samira! Continue reading

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dance-positive in iowa

from the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier, Belly dancing puts your muscles in motion and a jingle in your step Continue reading

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Samira Shuruk interview by Adry Svraka

just a quick link to an interview with samira shuruk.

(and, a few roj-photos there too) Continue reading

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email is VERY broken

ok, just something to put out here, while i try to track this down. i’ve now found the “email black hole” is affecting multiple accounts (multiple servers, multiple systems, multiple addresses), and still no pattern. i’ve even had one report of mail to a gmail account gone missing – and anecdotal comments about hotmail losing stuff (but i’m not in the hotmail loop). part of the problem is that i don’t know how long this “black hole” situation has been going on, so i don’t know how far back i need to dig into hanging conversations.

oddly enough, some email is coming in delayed – i just saw stuff that was sent several days ago, so there may be some hope for your messages. outbound messages have also apparently been lost, but so far i’ve only been able to find that in one case (could be an individual spam filter.

for now, i’ve turned everything i’ve got down (and oh, boy, the spam flood is on), looking for people that i know.

if you’ve sent me something and you have not heard from me yet, chances are i didn’t see what you sent. try a backup approach. i’m not ignoring you intentionally!
Continue reading

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galveston texas notices…

Slim and sensual: Belly dancing catches on

“But it’s not just youngsters who are catching on to the hip-shaking trend.

Jessenia, a belly dance instructor at the Galveston Health & Racquet Club and a performer at island restaurant Mediterranean Chef, says many older, professional women are also taking her classes.” Continue reading

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Bertha Anne Robertson / Sheva

Sheva’s protégés, followers are now the bellies of the ball

“The story of Bertha Anne Robertson, who died Nov. 23 at age 69, is the story of belly dancing in Richmond.”

Continue reading

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setting a bellydance record? salut, johannesburg

90 women gyrate as one

“Ninety belly dancers have hopefully shimmied their way into the world book of records on Friday night, watched by appreciative fathers, husbands and boyfriends.” Continue reading

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