Navel gazing

the superstars coming to wales… with quotable moments from miles… Navel gazing

“People told me The Police wouldn’t be big, but they were huge, ” he [Miles Copeland] says..

“People have similarly told me belly dancing won’t take off – but when you can see the potential in something different, and it becomes really big, it gives you a real feeling of self-confidence.

“The Police and Bellydance Superstars are the two things I’ve done that are the most revolutionary for their time.”

“It’s the middle-eastern percussion and the rhythm,” explains Copeland.. “It’s very hard to sit down and be passive, because it just makes you want to get up and move. We’ve got dancers who are beautiful and glamorous and at the top of their game – it’s quite a stunning show.”

“From a man’s perspective it’s a celebration of the beauty of a woman without encouraging the baser instincts of the male mind,” Copeland says.

“Our audiences tend to be very heavily weighted towards women – we even had some audiences in America that were 95% women.”

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