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Copeland playing fast with the media

I don’t often make public statements about specific players in this business of dance, but this time I felt compelled to put it on the record. Before I do, let me say that I don’t have any problem with the Bellydance Superstars or their approach to business or dance. What I have a problem with is something a bit more subtle.

Circulated to their promotional email list and also found on this page [if you jump over the registration hurdles] you will find the following set of quotes from the media, posted by Stipko, “website admin” for the Bellydance Superstars:

* “The most important dance troupe in the world.” – Sunday Times / London

* “Gorgeous, spiffily dressed, skilled dancers…sheer genius.” – Village Voice – New York – 3/12/04

* “Bellydancing is the next riverdance.” – Daily Telegraph / London
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How to dance gothic

if bellydancing is a bit complicated, or if you just want to start slow on your way to gothic bellydance nirvana, a helpful instructional guide to how to dance gothic.

[via #stephthegeek]
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BDSS United States fall 2005 tour

It seems the superstars are hitting the east coast pretty hard this the next time around, with 44 dates covering about two months (55 days) from mid-September to early November. I’m sure this isn’t the complete itinerary, but it’s enough for a lot of people to start making plans. Most of the venues aren’t published yet, so there’s not really much to comment on, but here are some brief observations:

The tour as available now runs just over 10,500 miles, plus a jaunt out to Puerto Rico, so approaching 200 miles per day.

Alexandria picks up two dates (this is actually old news and has been on the calendar for some time). The Birchmere is a 500-seat venue, and has consistently sold out for them, so this time around, they’re hoping to double it. This is also a Monday-Tuesday situation, so someone thinks the DC region is strong enough to come out on school nights (and a holiday night…). Anyone that misses those, gets another shot in Baltimore that Wednesday, just an hour away.

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More on Habibi in Lansing

Local celebrates life with Middle Eastern dancing danceLansing

Some founding members are still dancing with the troop, including 70-year-old Audrey Cross, whom Kepler said will perform a sword dance.

“If you looked at her, you never, ever know (she is 70),” she said.

The youngest Habibi member just turned 18.

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Egyptian Sun in the Baltimore Sun

a short piece for the big Egyptian Sun show….

They’ve got rhythm — and cool moves

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Helen Lukoma and Obsessions

spare a few moments to learn a little about helen lukoma…

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[Ballet] dancing and pregnancy

originally from the new york times, but locked there, i found this article reprinted in the times argus.

Today, dancing during pregnancy and after childbirth, once a privilege of only the grandest stars, is unexceptional. But for dancers who become pregnant, the body is an instrument of art as well as of motherhood, and those roles can sometimes clash.

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Middle east in the far east

from the Khaleej Times, April 9, 2005, Belly-dancing makes ripples among Asian women

“When I first started, I only gained aches and pains. But it exposed my own weaknesses, I realised how unfit I was,” says the glamorous Al Arishee, who attends the class with her 27-year-old daughter.

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Ameenah in the Akron Beacon Journal

Shake hips, or just dress hip

At a recent performance for me and Beacon Journal photographer Paul Tople (it was his lucky day), [ Sandra ] Hanlon and [ Toni ‘Ameenah’ ] Kearns led a group of women in a traditional Arabic dance. The women were entrancing, graceful and energetic to a degree I can’t even imagine.

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Bellydancing for credit at Arizona State

actually, i’m not sure if this is a credit-course or not, but… it’s official… Ancient art of belly dancing now an ASU class

Usually about 20 students show up to class, which was completely full well before the semester started. Fleming says she had tons of students begging for overrides.

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