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dance festival in ukiah

in the northern reaches of california…

Middle East HEAT

Performances by a variety of dancers from students to professionals are planned. Visitors will be able to browse the exotic Belly Dance Bazaar, join the Drummers and Musicians Circle, or join dancers in the Open Dance Circle and learn a few belly dance techniques. Several belly dance workshops also are planned earlier in the day.

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Megha Gavin pollinating down under

alabama is officially on the world map…

World-class moves

“She (Gavin) has a really good eye for developing moves, especially developing new ones,” Haddon-Casey says. “She is the best tribal dancer that Carolena has seen.

“So for those of us who want to know this stuff that Meg’s developed, we need to come to Birmingham to do it. So Birmingham is now on the map as a training venue for all tribal dances, for anybody that’s serious about tribal dance.”

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less regimented in the heartland


Women Learn To Dance Away Pounds

Tillinghast, a former ballet and modern dance student, said she began belly dancing as an alternative to more regimented styles of dancing.

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sparklies in tennesee

in the heart of tennessee, just a bit south of knoxville… (i hate to pick on the sparklies, but…)

Way of the Ancients: Belly dancing troupe first of its kind in Blount County

“And we get to wear sparklies,” Webb said with a laugh.

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jim boz comes to anchorage

alaska in june….

Lord of the belly dance

“There’s Jim,” he explained, pounding his chest, “and there’s Jim Boz.” He straightened his shoulders, deepened his voice and momentarily became the guy who shakes and rattles his hips in front of hundreds of strangers.

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rania vs. million dollar baby

i won’t spoil the ending, either…

DVD Dribble

… but Dominick says he won’t be dancing, either. Continue reading

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the mother of all dances?

from down in mississippi… ‘Mother of all dances’

“There was a big wave of interest in bellydancing about 30 years ago, and it seems to (again) be perking the interest of women of all shapes, sizes and colors,” says Janice Jordon, an administrative assistant at Millsap’s College in Jackson who has taught more than 500 students in her Mideastern rhythmic dance classes offered through the college’s enrichment program.

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a beginner’s perspective on belly fest ’05

from… I did it

Life is hard. We work hard, raise our kids and struggle with relationships. But life should also be lived, punctuated with the pleasure of utter fulfillment. And this is what bellydance is for me.

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