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This site needs you – suggestions and more

I’m starting to look at the roadmap for the future of this site, and one of my main goals is to make this more “community” and less “me.” To that end, I’m interested in your thoughts on this site, how it works, how it looks, what it should do, what it shouldn’t do, and anything else that comes to mind…

What I know is coming (although I can’t promise exactly when…) is a completely updated and more-functional event calendar. I’ll also be adding some collaboration tools, so you’ll be able to coordinate a little better than the existing “need help” or “talent“-type public material.

I also know that the site is pretty geek-oriented and not particularly dancer-friendly, so tell me where I should focus to make it easier to understand and use.

So, please share your thoughts here in the comments, or take advantage of the new feedback form, which comes only to me.
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More amazing Googlejuice for the dance web

highly unexpected, particularly considering the multi-city release of the film, but… at this moment searching google for american bellydancer movie produces this page as the first hit.

so, if you’ve got an opinion on the film and you want the world to know… get in there soon… Continue reading

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welcome canadians – search engine magic

i’ve just been informed that this site is the #2 hit from msn canada when searching for “dance” – so welcome canadians!

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what’s the point? the calendar

i just want to throw a little push in here for all the visitors – what’s the point of this site, really?

well, it started with the calendar problem. i was trying to schedule my photo-work around a large and expanding community of dancers, spread across a fairly large geographic region. as you can imagine, there’s something happening somewhere pretty much all the time, so it becomes an exercise in prioritization. but to prioritize, you have to know what’s available. and therein lies the rub.

what i found in my personal experience was two kinds of calendars – the individual, personal calendar, which has the advantage of being kept very up-to-date, but the disadvantage of covering a big geographic area (see artemis), for one person, making much of the information… well… useless. the other calendar is the regional organization calendar, which has the advantage of geographic focus and performer diversity, but the problem that it’s usually just one person that has to do all the updates, so sometimes the calendar gets out-of-sync with reality.
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Some silly information about this site

since it seems i hardly get to spend any time at my desk anymore, i thought i’d bring along the 2004 logs from the dance site to play with on the road… as a mostly pointless, but distracting exercise. so, with a couple tools and a pile of data, here’s some silly things i thought i’d share with you about this site. it’s sad when you’re looking for “something else” to do on the laptop just for a change of pace. blech.

first, some popular search queries… what’s bringing people to this little corner of the web? let’s go to the tape… the top 50 queries of 2004 are:
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significant changes and upgrades

If you’re a regular visitor, by the time you see this, you’ll probably have noticed that there are major changes here… I just wanted to give you a quick rundown…

* The “dance around the web” (formerly “news around the web”) aggregator is now pulling several more groups, including, perhaps most interestingly, the DC Tribal feed. You can see that here. This system is now pulling material from almost 100 sites around the web so they’re available here in one place for quick browsing. If you’re not familiar with how the aggregator works, I definitely suggest checking it out. Of course, if you know of something out there that you’d like to see brought in here, let me know where it is, and I’ll get it set up.

* Location information is now consistent across the entire site. For most kinds of material you can put here, you can now tag it with the general geographic location. This is an upgrade from the Events Calendar system. If you’re posting something that is relevant to a specific place, I strongly suggest you tag it where possible. What this lets us do is break down all the content on the site into categories. That means if you’re only interested in your own neighborhood, you can skip right to the stuff you care about – virginia or charities.
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leveraging google for rakkasah east

i didn’t have much lead time with this system until now, but rakkasah east is still over a month away, and to that end, i’ll be trying to leverage as much as possible to make this site useful for rakkasah participants and performers. to that end, i’ve added the names of all the rakkasah performers to the rakkasah east 2004 caravan topic, so hopefully people searching for their favorite performer or teacher have a chance to wander in here.

already, that post is prominent in any search for “rakkasah east” – so hopefully this will be a great place for people to coordinate rides/hotels and other interesting things during and around the event.

i’ve also moved the material to the top of the front page, so once people come here, they’ll hopefully participate a little.

let me know if you have any other suggestions… Continue reading

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suggestions for this site

Please share your thoughts and suggestions… Continue reading

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about this site

you’ve found your way here, either through some prodding on my part or some random cruise of the net, and now you need to know what’s going on here and what you can do….
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how we got here

i’ll need to write something here to explain how all this works and encourage people to take advantage of it. it could be brief, it could be tedious, but it does need to get done, and i’m probably going to go ahead and do it in public.


i suppose the best thing to do is start at the beginning (a very good place to start) and explain a bit about why i’ve done this and what i hope it might accomplish.

several months ago, i set up about a dozen dancers with access to a bloging system i was using for my own personal stuff, in the hope that they’d find some use for it – either the ease of getting information out there, or the inexplicably high search engine placement i get here, or something else. the idea was to simply offer up a platform and let the community figure out how to use it.

at about the same time, i was frustrated with the calendar problem, and used the same package in an attempt to fix that too. that was kludgy, awkward and while the results were pretty good for me (i had a single place to go for upcoming events and to look for conflicts), it was a pain for people to use and was completely useless for recurring events (which happen a lot in this business of dance). i kept experimenting with calendar solutions (and still am), and after

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