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photographs and movement

it’s a bit of a specialty of mine, i guess…. so i direct your attention to some discussion of the subject over on livejournal. Continue reading

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BDSS United States fall 2005 tour

It seems the superstars are hitting the east coast pretty hard this the next time around, with 44 dates covering about two months (55 days) from mid-September to early November. I’m sure this isn’t the complete itinerary, but it’s enough for a lot of people to start making plans. Most of the venues aren’t published yet, so there’s not really much to comment on, but here are some brief observations:

The tour as available now runs just over 10,500 miles, plus a jaunt out to Puerto Rico, so approaching 200 miles per day.

Alexandria picks up two dates (this is actually old news and has been on the calendar for some time). The Birchmere is a 500-seat venue, and has consistently sold out for them, so this time around, they’re hoping to double it. This is also a Monday-Tuesday situation, so someone thinks the DC region is strong enough to come out on school nights (and a holiday night…). Anyone that misses those, gets another shot in Baltimore that Wednesday, just an hour away.

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Dance from the Heart, Virginia

one of our very own dance from the heart events covered in the Falls Church News Press.

Belly Dancing From the Heart; N. Va. Women Raise Funds & Confidence

“It was pretty traumatic. I wanted to see what I could do,” she [Nazie Massoumi] said. She took the idea to [Katayoun] Hutson, who has in the past helped organize benefit performances. She said that she would definitely help, but because of numerous other commitments, the majority of the organizational work would have to rest with Massoumi. “It was actually more work than I anticipated,” Massoumi told the News-Press. Over the past three months, she has been designing and sending out flyers and posters, posting information on a variety of websites, arranging for the venue, insuring the event, and arranging advance ticket sales, not to mention practicing for her own performance.

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Glasgow dancing for tsunami victims

Dancing for a cause, this time four-and-a-half hours involving some 200 members of the Glasgow Association of Arabic Dance for the Hikkaduwa Area Relief Fund (I hope that’s the right link….). Read more here: Belly dancers tsunami cash hits £3300 (with annoying non-standard web presentation) Continue reading

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congratulations nazie and dance from the heart

just a quick note to congratulate nazie and the dancers for their hot Hot HOT performances for dance from the heart…

thanks for dancing…
chiaki, ebony and elyssa of sahara dance
the desert doves (janice, mary, sunny, robyn, kaliah, ramaya, johara.zorayah, nazie, asana, mima)

thanks for hosting, leila

and honorable mentions for nimeera. who apparently had to drop out with the chaos of the evening… Continue reading

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setting a bellydance record? salut, johannesburg

90 women gyrate as one

“Ninety belly dancers have hopefully shimmied their way into the world book of records on Friday night, watched by appreciative fathers, husbands and boyfriends.” Continue reading

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Some silly information about this site

since it seems i hardly get to spend any time at my desk anymore, i thought i’d bring along the 2004 logs from the dance site to play with on the road… as a mostly pointless, but distracting exercise. so, with a couple tools and a pile of data, here’s some silly things i thought i’d share with you about this site. it’s sad when you’re looking for “something else” to do on the laptop just for a change of pace. blech.

first, some popular search queries… what’s bringing people to this little corner of the web? let’s go to the tape… the top 50 queries of 2004 are:
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dance from the heart tsunami benefit

i wanted to push this one a little, and direct your attention as early as possible… please join artemis, yasmin, lucy, mark balahadia, jami jones, samira shuruk and more [to be determined] at the dc-area dance from the heart.

details are here on this site and here on samira’s. Continue reading

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dance photography auction for the women of sudan

i’ll be contributing three pieces to the silient auction at the benefit for the women of sudan on november 14 at casablanca in alexandria.

not only do you get to see more than a dozen of the area’s best dancers come together to in response to one of the greatest human tragedies of modern times, but you could go home with one of these three prints…

from left to right, i present asharah, lotus niraja and lucy, all of whom are not only lending their talent and passion to this benefit, but have allowed me to give a little too.
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congratulations sundari

just a quick note for the nerissa and zahirah of baltimore bellydance for their success with sundari…

and all the performers… raqs on! Continue reading

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