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drift, dancer without a body. (flash) Continue reading

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Dance with Britney?

THQ has released Britney’s Dance Beat, a new video game that promises to let you dance with Britney.

“Starring Britney Spears, realistically transformed into 3D” – the website (realistic transformation includes brunette roots…)

“The idea of the game is that you’re a dancer whose auditioning for Britney’s world tour. You’re going to be pushing the buttons on the controller in time with the music and keep your dancer moving.” – Jamie Bayfus of THQ, Inc.

I leave it to the dancers among us to decide if “pushing the buttons on the controller in time with the music” counts as “dancing with britney” :) Continue reading

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Rights of the Choreographer

The New York Times ran an article yesterday, Dance and Profit: Who Gets It?.

The article briefly explores the issues at the center of a pending legal dispute over the rights of the choreographer and the assignment or transfer of those rights.

Personally, it bothers me when lawyers become such a presence in artistic expression, but this is in the courts, and has been for years. The issues and concerns exist, and there are certainly growing problems balancing the rights of creators and the ability of those in the future to create. For now, I leave this as a touchstone for your comment…

(the full text is available at the link above, and copied for your reference below) Continue reading

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Wendy at Viceroy

Congratulations to Wendy Yousef – now performing bi-monthly at Viceroy Indian Cuisine, in the Foxmill Shopping Center, 2531 John Milton Dr., Herndon, VA 20171 703.716.1900.

Call for specific performance dates. Continue reading

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oriental dance invades shanghai

reported in the shanghai daily news, oriental dance has come to the far east. classes are now held in the arts training center of the shanghai opera house, and performances at the westin shanghai.

some choice quotes:

“I read in a news magazine that belly dancing is the `new hip thing’.”

“It is a dance as natural as breathing.”

“One of the big trends in Turkish nightclubs is to feature young, good-looking male belly dancers.” Continue reading

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foreign dancers banned in egypt

the bbc reported this some time ago.

the minister for labour and immigration has issued a ruling that will prevent non-egyptians from getting belly dancing licences after 2003.

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lifting anastasia

the scotsman reports that the bolshoi can’t find anastasia volochkova a male partner for performances that require someone willing to lift her.

ice cream and ballet don’t mix?

update: this article also appeared recently, decribing “ballet’s brutal aesthetic.” not very long on details, but it’s a brief window into an audition.

“Small head, long limbs, short torso, good turnout, or rotation of hip, long thigh bones and high insteps – ballet has a brutal aesthetic.”
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WAMEDA goes for non-profit status

wameda, the washington area mid east dance association has begun to pursue non-profit status. the most recent edition (sep/oct 2003, v24, n5) of the newsletter includes a piece by the president (jaka), requesting that the membership review and vote on changes to the bylaws of this 20-year-old organization.

this is a big step for a great group of people, so i wanted to offer some encouragement. as someone who’s been through the gauntlet of forming a non-profit, i can only empathize with the path ahead for the officers of wameda.

i encourage anyone in the washington dc area (and even some of you further afield), with any interest in the dance form to join wameda if you haven’t already. join soon, and attend the wameda halfla coming up in october.

of course, if you’d like to discuss the bylaw changes, the implications of non-profit status, or anything else about the organization, that is what we’re here for… please comment. Continue reading

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on tipping

i’m probably not the right person to start this, but i don’t want to leave this place looking like nothing but an events calendar in a strange format, so i’m going to borrow a theme i’ve seen in a few places, but give credit to the girls of baltimore bellydance.

this won’t apply to every style or performer, but the question, for your comment (see below), is: how do you feel about tipping? Continue reading

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welcome to the dance blog


in an effort to support things i appreciate, and to more effectively use the resources i have at my disposal, i’ve created this blog.

this is an open, public forum for you to share thoughts, impressions, comments and news.

if you’d like posting-authorization, send me email with the name you’d like to use here and a password, and i’ll get you set up as soon as possible. if you just want to browse and comment, you won’t need a posting-password, just dive in and enjoy.

if you’ve got a website, and would like a link from this page, email the relevant information.

this is an experiment. expect it to evolve and change over time. tell me what you’d like to do with it, and i’ll see if i can make it happen. there will be some growing pains, please excuse my dust.

this is your space. please use it. Continue reading

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