on tipping

i’m probably not the right person to start this, but i don’t want to leave this place looking like nothing but an events calendar in a strange format, so i’m going to borrow a theme i’ve seen in a few places, but give credit to the girls of baltimore bellydance.

this won’t apply to every style or performer, but the question, for your comment (see below), is: how do you feel about tipping?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    on tipping Tipping is culturally appropriate in Middle Eastern Dance. Most dancers I know also greatly appreciate it as we are not paid very much by the restaurants.
    Each dancer is going to have her own preferance on HOW she (or he) is tipped, based on how they feel most comfortable or dignified. The choices seem to be:
    1) Arabic tradition in which the audience member “showers” the dancer with money. I think this is celebratory and nice- and the performer only need ask an accompanying friend (or a nice restaurant staff person)to pick up the tips.
    2) Passing a tamborine, clay jug or other appropriate article. I think this is most effective when another person does the “passing”.
    3) Turkish tradition of placing a bill on the (glistening) forehead of the dancer. Another “cute” method of tipping.
    4) Tipping the dancer in her bra strap or side of belt. While some dancers are perfectly comfortable with this, some may feel it’s too close personal contact, implies a connection between MEDance and stripping or it disrupts their “flow” while dancing.
    5) Handing a tip to the dancer, while dancing or after the set is finished.

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