WAMEDA goes for non-profit status

wameda, the washington area mid east dance association has begun to pursue non-profit status. the most recent edition (sep/oct 2003, v24, n5) of the newsletter includes a piece by the president (jaka), requesting that the membership review and vote on changes to the bylaws of this 20-year-old organization.

this is a big step for a great group of people, so i wanted to offer some encouragement. as someone who’s been through the gauntlet of forming a non-profit, i can only empathize with the path ahead for the officers of wameda.

i encourage anyone in the washington dc area (and even some of you further afield), with any interest in the dance form to join wameda if you haven’t already. join soon, and attend the wameda halfla coming up in october.

of course, if you’d like to discuss the bylaw changes, the implications of non-profit status, or anything else about the organization, that is what we’re here for… please comment.

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