a quick welcome

I’ve added links for several amazing performers… just to give them a little extra push…

Bringing in a bit of a northern flavor, a warm welcome to Jennifer of Philadelphia, hostess of Philly Raqs.

From the left coast, but also touring the world, an amazing performer that I had a great pleasure to see (and shoot a bit) in Baltimore, Rachel Brice. (You can see some of her in the dance section of my performance photography site).

Four local dancers in four intense colors, Martiya Possession … one of which is Asharah… and another is Yameena. Expect to see some images of this group in the near future.

Representing the Old Dominion, we have Dianna, your Duchess of Dance and People’s Choice winner in the 2003 East Coast Belly Dance Classic competition (and someone who actually likes my cooking :) ) and cabaret performer (with a hint of Rita Hayworth?), Amustela.

And finally, for now, Ravana, who dances, sews and does web things.

So, welcome to this bunch…

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