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A Quest for Dancers

ok, i’m going to go ahead and make this official, put it out in public and see what happens….

i’m looking for dancers for a project. it’s a big project. it involves a lot of travel.

so, i’m looking for dancers with several years’ experience in oriental/american tribal/folkloric dance traditions (bellydance in many flavors, flamenco, indian, polynesian and suchlike), who really, really want to perform, really want to share their stuff with new people, aren’t afraid of fusion in dance and music and don’t have too many ties that keep them in one place (family, mortgage, high-powered career track, etc) and are mature enough to handle interpersonal relations for an extended period of time. yeah, that should narrow it down quite a bit :)

the short version: amazing dancers that want to run away with the circus, only it’s not really a circus.

other requirements: must have a grand sense of humor (this is a celebration), and be willing to roll up your sleeves and work hard.
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La Paquera de Jerez

[from the ap wire]

MADRID, Spain (AP) Flamenco star La Paquera de Jerez, known for her fiery temperament and powerful voice which allowed her to sing without a microphone in bullrings, died in her hometown of Jerez. She was 70.

La Paquera, whose real name was Francisca Mendez Garrido, died Monday of thrombosis a month after being admitted to a hospital, said Jose Alberto Rodriguez of the Jerez-based Andalusian Center of Flamenco.

Her death was front-page news in Jerez where she was considered a legend.

“The aficionados will always remember that formidable flow of voice that was almost frightening, her powerful presence on stage, her bravado and her rhythm, that made her an indisputable flamenco star,” said Madrid daily El Pais.

La Paquera, whose father was a gypsy, started singing professionally at 17.

She rose to fame in the 1950s singing in flamenco clubs known as “tablaos” in Madrid and her native Jerez. She worked with other well-known flamenco artists such as Matilde Coral and Porrina de Badajoz.

She made several records in the 1960s and was famous for her “bulerias,” a flamenco rhythm with a particularly vigorous beat.

Apart from singing, she also appeared in Carlos Saura’s film “Flamenco” in 1994 and more recently in Toni Gatlif’s “Vengo,” a documentary on flamenco.

During her career she was awarded important flamenco prizes including the Nina de los Peines award in Cordoba, and the Copa de Jerez. Continue reading

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the new sahara dance studio

there were rumors of this pulsing through my little grapevine for a while now, even as i’ve been sort-of disconnected and out of the loop, but today i got email from the source, so i guess it’s official and i can say something about it…

rachel kay brookmire and the people at sahara dance have been… well, busy, i guess is an understatement. anyway, there’s a new studio in town, and it’s a big deal.

We have very exciting news to share this month: On May 15th Sahara Dance will be opening DC’s only center dedicated to Middle Eastern dance! The center is located in Tenleytown, 2 blocks north of the Tenleytown metro and visible from Wisconsin Avenue. We will offer a full schedule of raqs sharqi, folkloric, tribal classes and drum lessons.

may is a big month for rachel, so congratulations and best wishes for the new studio… Continue reading

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blogspam comes to the dance blog

it seems that someone’s taken to spamming other blogs with a link to this blog.

if you’re here visiting from a “not too shabby” comment from someone else’s blog, i apologize for wasting your time. chances are the comment you followed had nothing to do with the post to which it was attached (we got four of them here). as you can see, the design here isn’t anything particularly special, nor do we have anything do with jennifer love hewitt.

i have a personal zero-tolerance policy about blogspam, and my efforts on the subject have put me out there as a target. this is unfortunate, but not entirely unexpected.

i’m sorry people have to scatter their garbage around the net, but thanks for stopping by anyway. Continue reading

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updated dancers portfolio

i’ve just updated the dancers in the performance photography pages.

welcome to martiya possession (asharah, mavi, raven and ya meena), raqs sahara (rachel kay brookmire and company), lotus niraja, antonia, ansuya, zahna sahara and a few others i need to track down stage names for…

thanks to each of you.

comments, of course, are always welcome….

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and eugene tells a story

Belly Dancing: All over town, people put bodies in motion Continue reading

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on rachel

sparse from the road, but worth checking in on periodically rachel brice does have a blog. in the latest installment, we find rachel headed back west on the bellydance superstars tour, and sharing a few thoughts

The venues vary in size, but the audiences have been amazing, overall. At one venue, a table thought it would be fun to talk (loudly) throught the entire show, but that’s the exception, not the rule.

i’m glad she’s getting a good reception….

just to perpetuate a rumor… if what i saw is what she’s capable of without “a good stretch since february” – then i’m more and more convinced that somewhere in her family history, there is at least one dragon, one snake and one shark. Continue reading

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seattle times tells a story

Belly up … to the latest dance fad that’s shaking up the Northwest Continue reading

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ATS – A New Artform

An older article (The Middle Eastern Dance in New England Newsletter, May/June 2001, and in Zaghareet, May/June, 2001), but now available (and getting some links) on the web…. ATS – A New Artform Continue reading

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congratulations dori and nikki

congratulation to dori and nikki, and all the egyptian sun dancers. Continue reading

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