blogspam comes to the dance blog

it seems that someone’s taken to spamming other blogs with a link to this blog.

if you’re here visiting from a “not too shabby” comment from someone else’s blog, i apologize for wasting your time. chances are the comment you followed had nothing to do with the post to which it was attached (we got four of them here). as you can see, the design here isn’t anything particularly special, nor do we have anything do with jennifer love hewitt.

i have a personal zero-tolerance policy about blogspam, and my efforts on the subject have put me out there as a target. this is unfortunate, but not entirely unexpected.

i’m sorry people have to scatter their garbage around the net, but thanks for stopping by anyway.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The comment seemed rather strange, just vague enough that I’d guessed it was spam, but wanted to be sure.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Luckily, I recognized your domain name and avoided putting it in the list for potential blacklist additions.

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