the new sahara dance studio

there were rumors of this pulsing through my little grapevine for a while now, even as i’ve been sort-of disconnected and out of the loop, but today i got email from the source, so i guess it’s official and i can say something about it…

rachel kay brookmire and the people at sahara dance have been… well, busy, i guess is an understatement. anyway, there’s a new studio in town, and it’s a big deal.

We have very exciting news to share this month: On May 15th Sahara Dance will be opening DC’s only center dedicated to Middle Eastern dance! The center is located in Tenleytown, 2 blocks north of the Tenleytown metro and visible from Wisconsin Avenue. We will offer a full schedule of raqs sharqi, folkloric, tribal classes and drum lessons.

may is a big month for rachel, so congratulations and best wishes for the new studio…

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