how we got here

i’ll need to write something here to explain how all this works and encourage people to take advantage of it. it could be brief, it could be tedious, but it does need to get done, and i’m probably going to go ahead and do it in public.


i suppose the best thing to do is start at the beginning (a very good place to start) and explain a bit about why i’ve done this and what i hope it might accomplish.

several months ago, i set up about a dozen dancers with access to a bloging system i was using for my own personal stuff, in the hope that they’d find some use for it – either the ease of getting information out there, or the inexplicably high search engine placement i get here, or something else. the idea was to simply offer up a platform and let the community figure out how to use it.

at about the same time, i was frustrated with the calendar problem, and used the same package in an attempt to fix that too. that was kludgy, awkward and while the results were pretty good for me (i had a single place to go for upcoming events and to look for conflicts), it was a pain for people to use and was completely useless for recurring events (which happen a lot in this business of dance). i kept experimenting with calendar solutions (and still am), and after

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