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  1. Anonymous says:

    trying to navigate this site … I’m getting lost. help!

    there is so much info out there, and alot of sidebars, it gets confusing. I’m not sure where the info is comming from, is it local? or is it from one of the other online tribes that I already subscribe to? I don’t know…

    I’m exploring now, and I am sure I will be able to figure stuff out as I poke around…

    thanks for putting this all to gether~


  2. Anonymous says:

    navigation and some clues on content the stuff in the sidebars is both local content and syndicated content from other sites. a quick tour of how things are set up now…

    on the left, the top is the “main menu” for the site, so it’s always visible and always easy to find.

    continuing down the left, the “blogs” box is the most-recent posts for individual weblogs/blogs here on this site (which is pretty much all me right now)

    everything below that is syndicated “most recent” stuff from other sites – the feedster box grabs anything “bellydance” related from around the web. the others (tribe, yahoo, livejournal, etc) pick up material from those sites.

    on the right, we have background info on the site, the 6 “soonest” upcoming events from the events calendar on this site – the my own thing (the photography stuff), and links to other websites and ads to help pay for the hosting.

    you can visit the “my account” and turn most of the sidebar stuff on or off, depending on what interests you…

  3. Anonymous says:

    ~>TECHNOtranceBELLYDance<~ There should be something where you can check out stuff just in your area. i cant find crap on here in atlanta...or how to post my upcoming events.

  4. Anonymous says:

    there is… sorta… the forums (which go pretty much unused so far…) have forums for every state in the “home turf,” but that doesn’t quite get to georgia…

    and the events calendar keeps track of state and “nearest major city” for everything here.

  5. Anonymous says:

    feedback form? hi Roj,
    Tried to get to the feedback form but “access denied”, same message trying to go to your photo’s link –

    could you maybe add the feedback form to the menu at left?

    Got a question about event listings…

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