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East Coast Belly Dance Classic Caravan

For organizing rides needed and seats available to and from the East Coast Belly Dance Classic 2004, rooms or couches to share and anything else that comes up. Post comments with anything you need or have available for people attending the Classic. Continue reading

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bellydance and playboy – the debate is on

we saw this light up today, mostly through the indigo tribe.net feed….

the word is that kaeshi of bellyqueen was approached by playboy for an upcoming “girls of bellydance” issue (well, it’s more than a word, i saw the newsletter too…). this, of course, brings up a whole raft of issues that come with modern american culture – is it exploitation? inappropriate? acknowledgement and acceptance? good clean fun? good dirty fun? access to mainstream media? perpetuating inappropriate sterotypes? good for business? bad for business? good for art? bad for art?

or, is it all just a scam? Continue reading

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get your groove on

presented by the mayor’s fitness council (that’s mayor of chicago), a piece from the chicago sun-times: Get your groove on, and get healthy while you’re at it.

also here: Belly dancing classes shake up fitness scene – from the state (south carolina).

health and fitness and dance popping up in headlines. i can’t say much about healthy – i’ve been slowly rotting away for years now, but… i’ve also surrounded myself with amazingly healthy and talented people, so there is hope… Continue reading

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