najla goes underground to film second video

we saw this light up today, mostly through the indigo feed….

the word is that kaeshi of bellyqueen was approached by playboy for an upcoming “girls of bellydance” issue (well, it’s more than a word, i saw the newsletter too…). this, of course, brings up a whole raft of issues that come with modern american culture – is it exploitation? inappropriate? acknowledgement and acceptance? good clean fun? good dirty fun? access to mainstream media? perpetuating inappropriate sterotypes? good for business? bad for business? good for art? bad for art?

or, is it all just a scam?
having faced a “wave of criticism” and having her singing license revoked by the egyptian musicians union, najla has resorted to secrecy to film her second video.

Najla determined to keep new video top secret (al bawaba, july 22, 2004)

Under high level of secrecy, Alam Al-Fan Production Company started filming the new video clip for the Tunisian singer and belly dancer Najla. Najla’s first video clip “Hatlob Ieedak” (I Will Ask for Your Hand Tomorrow) waged a wave of criticism after the singer showed up in the clip with very revealing and seductive outfits.

The second song, which is currently being filmed, is composed by Hassan Ish Ish and written by Bahaelddin Mustafa while direction is by Ahmed Yusri. The video will be exclusively aired on Mazzika satellite music channel.

Najla’s license to sing was cancelled by the Egyptian musicians association but this cancellation does not include filming the video clip the thing that explains why Hassan Ish Ish agreed to compose her video clip. The head of Egyptian Musicians Association Hassan Abu So’oud composed Najla’s first song.

Najla asserts that her new music video will include even more seduction and boldness. Najla’s first video clip raised lots of criticism after she showed up with revealing clothes and riding on a horse.

Najla added that she is using a tiger this time in the video clip where she tries to tame it, adding that she will deal with him the same way she dealt with the horse in her first video clip. The Tunisian singer expressed her sadness after being banned to sing in Egypt but added that she will be using Ruby’s experience to help her change the decision of the Egyptian musicians association.

Since the release of her latest hit Najla has been receiving numerous offers to star in different films. The latest offer that Najla has received was for a leading role in a new film “Bustan El Viagra” (Viagra Garden) after prominent Egyptian actresses Laila Elwi and Elham Shahin turned it down. It has not been confirmed if Najla will accept the role or not.

Najla, whose first profession is belly dancing, ranked number one having the most seductive and e sexual video clip, and is the living example of sexing-up the Arabic video clips and changing it from a musical script to a mere cheap sexual performance.

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