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congratulations amar gamal

amar gamal, the other half of bellyqueen, has placed 2nd at the annual ahlan wasahlan festival in egypt.

between kaeshi’s efforts with pure and amar gamal’s adventures in egypt, bellyqueen is, apparently, the place to be. Continue reading

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Antonio Gades

flamenco Continue reading

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congratulations kaeshi and pure

congratulations kaeshi and darshan, who seem to be the central guilty parties in this adventure. and, a nod to aliye aydin, alura, amy staub, athallia, audrey werner, ava meris, bernice, blanca, hannah nour, ilene fontane, jennifer parker, jezibell, jill lenz, julia kulakova, kim sonsky, kittarina, mariyah, mimi fontana, mona le roy, nancy coradin, naraya, nicole rodriguez, paige stevenson, rose freymuth-frazier, sarah johansson locke, susan frankovich and takisha.
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Bella Lewitzky

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Dances of Ecstasy, a film by Michelle Mahrer and Nicole Ma

With screenings done in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York, it’s about time I dropped this in here. Dances of Ecstasy (flash required) is described as “a sensory journey into the world of ecstasy experiences through rhythm dance and music.” Continue reading

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Dance as physical therapy – Lara Yancy

from the arizona republic, a brief story of Lara Yancy teaching dance as physical therapy.

Her class of about 12 students ages 7 to 62 starts with a warm-up of basic dance moves, followed by stretching. The class then works on a new technique for the week and culminates in an open dance where everyone “kind of freestyles it,”Yancy said.

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Interview with ZooTV’s dancer, Ophelia (Christina Petro)

U2 brought a dancer along to add some mystery to “Mysterious Ways” for the ZooTV tour, now you can read an interview with Ophelia… Continue reading

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going public

ok, we’re letting the word out on the new things here… welcome to everyone who wanders in… poke around, have a good time, see how things work (and don’t work), and please don’t hesitate to ask questions or make suggestions.

it’s up to you how you use what we’ve got available here… we can go in a lot of different directions with this – anything from personal blogs/journals, simply listing events, or making this an intense community focal point. i’m trying to leverage some technical and practical resources to help dancers connect with each other and with their audience, so the stage (so to speak) is yours. this domain should give you some pretty good search engine mojo, but building the community and creating the content is up to you now…
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welcome to drupal

we’re checking out drupal as a community alternative to movabletype – and hopefully we’ll have full integration of a useful events calendar and support for individual blogs for everyone. this is a testbed, things are going to be broken and crazy for a while. everything is subject to change without notice (particularly if i screw something up), but welcome…

i’ve migrated all the “friends of roj” links, they appear, for now, on the lower left side of the screen. lots of other things to experiment with, including polls. i’m also going to try to drive participation a little and leverage t Continue reading

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