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controlling your image, the perils of performance

having run into this discussion twice in the past few weeks, i guess that’s enough motivation to get me writing about it.

I also wanted to discuss distribution rights of our pictures. We did not sign a photo release and although I am pleasantly pleased that we have pictures to purchase I do not want our pictures distributed to others or used by yourself without written permission or agreed upon understanding. I have lots and lots of pictures of myself and the dance company and I usually work with photographers that enable us to purchase our negatives from them……….ever since my first photo shoot that has been my policy. Sooooooo since we do not have such an arrangement I want to ensure that I fully understand what will happen to our photos in the future.
I look forward to working with you.

Well, this has been an interesting conversation. I thought about the paparazzi but also knew that celebrities are in a slightly different category than regular people. I also consider amateur photographers different from professional or semi-professional. I’ve seen some of the pictures the joe next door takes. They couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn! The pictures are usually VERY bad and they is not an issue of bad things happening because they took them for private memories sake only. It’s the pro & semi-pro people I pay attention to.
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Alice Puluelo Naipo Park

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the metal goddesses emerge

some of the more regular visitors may have noticed that the metal goddess troupe has emerged into awareness of the general web. with linkage and coverage at metafilter, dozens of blogs and journals and other sites are linking and commenting. Continue reading

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Maria Antonieta Pons

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leveraging google for rakkasah east

i didn’t have much lead time with this system until now, but rakkasah east is still over a month away, and to that end, i’ll be trying to leverage as much as possible to make this site useful for rakkasah participants and performers. to that end, i’ve added the names of all the rakkasah performers to the rakkasah east 2004 caravan topic, so hopefully people searching for their favorite performer or teacher have a chance to wander in here.

already, that post is prominent in any search for “rakkasah east” – so hopefully this will be a great place for people to coordinate rides/hotels and other interesting things during and around the event.

i’ve also moved the material to the top of the front page, so once people come here, they’ll hopefully participate a little.

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the clanging of the zils

oh, one thing i forgot to mention about the classic… (and thanks to lucy for reminding me)

what’s up with the dissonant, clangy, brutal sounding chunks-of-metal zils?

i know there’s the whole “bellydancer in a box kit” that’s making the rounds, but so many of the performers that used zils had zils that just sounded horrible (to me). i know these people spent fortunes on their costumes, so what’s going on here? Continue reading

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about the east coast belly dance classic

this event was, fundamentally, a competition. so, to get that out of the way, i’d like to send my congratulations to everyone that participated, and recognize the winners:

rising stars marina mohamed, samira and inaras; troupes rakaset nadirah, shadows of the fire and baghdad express; headliners sheila marina, amira and iraina; fantasy artists lilah, ruhiyyih and iraina; grand champions maya, tanna valentine and ruhiyyih.

i’d also like to thank our host, taaj, and judges aisha, azur aja, tasha banat, shakira and phyllidia. (if i missed anyone’s links, please let me know…)
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i survived the east coast belly dance classic

for anyone that drops in here that i met there, i’m home, i’m safe, and i’m tired. more on this later; it’s been a long, long weekend. Continue reading

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Rakkasah East 2004 Caravan

For organizing rides needed and seats available to and from Rakkasah East 2004 (October 4 through 10) rooms or couches to share and anything else that comes up. Post comments with anything you need or have available for people attending Rakkasah. Performers from the “dance web region” include (working my way north):
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