Rakkasah East 2004 Caravan

For organizing rides needed and seats available to and from Rakkasah East 2004 (October 4 through 10) rooms or couches to share and anything else that comes up. Post comments with anything you need or have available for people attending Rakkasah. Performers from the “dance web region” include (working my way north):

From Virginia
Ravia, Aisha, Saida al Sahara, Vashti, Zarqaa, Shakra Dancers of the Tribal Grove, Mystic Fire/Charmaine Lee, Sheva’s Raqs Stars, Ashaira, Troupe Arabesque/Wendy Youssef.

From Washington DC
Mina, Hareem of the Queens, Najwah, Raks Caravan West/Rachel Brookmire, Raks Caravan East/Elysa, Elysa.

From Maryland
Egyptian Sun, Zareen, Netra, Shahla Zahr, Aliya, Aleta, Mianaja al Sephira, Kismet Dancers/Alia, Alia, Niraja Dance Company/Lotus Niraja, Nadirah Nasreen, Safira & Friends, Daughters of Rhea/Piper.

From Pennsylvania
Shadia, Ya’la University of Pennsylvania, Karen, The Eastern Pennsylvania Middle Eastern Dance Club, Crystalia, Rabia/Nana/Farasha, Amalia, Habiba Dance Ensemble, Habiba, Pop Raks/Monet Raths, Aisha A’Noor, Electra, The Pearls of the Valley/Tamra Tahira, Mahrabesh & The Middle East Mystiques, Shake Charmers/Valerie Rushmere, Hipnosis.

From New Jersey
Alia Studios, Troupe Mahira, Arabella/Adarah, Marta, Mahalat/Michelle deVine, D, Raja, Ra’idah, Zareen, Kassar, Polina, Raks Odalisque/Alexia, Rakkasat el Hilwa/Hasna Emad, Nadira, Adarah, Fringe Benefit/Peggy Eckert, Leah Uma Ishta, Amira Emad, Rakkasat el Nil & Cairo/Hasna Emad, Groove Merchant Drum & Dance Ensemble/Alexia, Naama Emad & Leila Emad.

From New York City
Cristina, Samia, Autumn Ward Dance Ensemble, Karadja, Ancient Rhythms, Katia, Aasal, Carmine Guida/Lara Triback, Metal Goddess, Mimi Fontana, Amy, Desert Sisters of the Four Winds, Joharra, Sophie, Dalia Carella Dance Collective, Dalia Carella, The Cashbah Dance Experience/Morocco, Nubian Moon Daughters/Arianna.

(i missed a lot of links here, so if you know more or have a correction, please tell me…)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Looking for a ride and roomie for hotel….. Nevermind…. found a room and a ride. :)


  2. Anonymous says:

    looks like i’ll have an open seat may be small space (one seat, limited luggage), so maybe not good for a dancer with full regalia.

    as a side note, i’ll probably be taking pictures during all of rakkasah, so if anyone is interested in some “camera time,” do let me know, and we’ll figure out how to accomodate you.

    sleeping plans (for me) are still to be determined.

    update: seat’s full. i’ll be staying at the clarion suits about a mile down the road from the rakkasah site.

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