leveraging google for rakkasah east

i didn’t have much lead time with this system until now, but rakkasah east is still over a month away, and to that end, i’ll be trying to leverage as much as possible to make this site useful for rakkasah participants and performers. to that end, i’ve added the names of all the rakkasah performers to the rakkasah east 2004 caravan topic, so hopefully people searching for their favorite performer or teacher have a chance to wander in here.

already, that post is prominent in any search for “rakkasah east” – so hopefully this will be a great place for people to coordinate rides/hotels and other interesting things during and around the event.

i’ve also moved the material to the top of the front page, so once people come here, they’ll hopefully participate a little.

let me know if you have any other suggestions…

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