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new photos appearing on the web – welcome lucy and samira!

just a quick note to direct your attention to a couple local performers that have graciously chosen some of my work to show off their work….

i direct your attention to lucy, with a website that now sports a great number (24? something like that) of photos that came through my lens…

and samira shuruk, a performer that’s relatively new to our area, and that i encourage you to welcome with great enthusiasm…

thank you to lucy and samira! Continue reading

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Local Dance Associations

Something that came up (indirectly) in a conversation with one of the most generous dancers I know – the value of local dance associations. Within the geographic region that this site focuses on – generally the mid-Atlantic – we have WAMEDA, Baltimore Bellydance, Bellydance New York, Philly Raqs and NC Bellydance.

I’m interested in exploring is what these groups do (or don’t do) for you as dancers. Continue reading

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B-Day: The Bellydance Superstars invade Europe

Several days ago, the invasion of the mainland by the advance troops of the elite Bellydance Superstars established a beachhead with the opening performance of the European tour in Antwerp. Invasion plans include Germany, England, Italy, Austria, and France.

How is it? Anyone seen it? Any thoughts? Continue reading

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Margaret Kelly

10,000 dancers over four decades at the lido, paris. Continue reading

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Photo of Raqs Sahara in the Washington Post

just a little shameless self-promotion…

Raqs Sahara Belly Dancers, Holding Sway, featuring a photo from rakkasah east, 2003.

a quick nod of thanks to rachel, the featured abdomen, and congratulations to the performers last sunday….

Continue reading

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dancing in the streets

the first-person account of a dance dance revolution on the streets of new york.

not to be confused with pure but certainly compatible, john perry barlow leads a merry band to “afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted.”

wish i could be there…

as they say, that’s happy people Continue reading

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