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Najwah and Sahara Dance featured in Dancer

today i offer a quick congratulations to Sahara Dance for their appearance in Dancer, December 2004… but only as an excuse to recognize a more important contribution to this planet.

go check out the magazine and read a little about what packs of motivated (and bespangled) dancers do for the world.

najwah and sahara dance have given of their enthusiasm and art to benefit aid afghanistan, school of hope and women and children of afghanistan and tahirih justice center.

and, of course, congratulations to me for the [unfortunately uncredited] photo… :) Continue reading

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Giving thanks

it is thanksgiving, and i just want to single a few people out for their contributions to my universe in this place dedicated to dance.

so, in oblique, public fashion…. i give thanks to…
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Congratulations Bellydance Superstars 2004

A quick congratulations to Sonia, Rachel, Jillina, Ansuya, Michelle, Sharon Kihara, Ana Saeeda, Petite Jamilla, Saida, Georgianne, Aubre, and Colleen… and, of course, Issam for delivering another great tour, another great show, and most of all, for surviving another season on the road. Wonderful to see you (or see you again). Continue reading

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Pies and the Economics of Bellydance

i’ve been talking about typing about this for what seems like months now, so with my schedule completely out-of-whack, it’s time to spend a little time on a subject that i’ve seen “from the outside” as i travel from event to event. hopefully, i can get away with this (without hurting any feelings or stepping on any dancing toes) – i’m looking in from the outside, and this is just a perspective.

it’s about the economics. it’s about the community. and it’s about you dancers.

i think this should be talked about, and i’m happy to get things going, from there it’s up to you… perhaps more importantly, dancers can do something about all this.
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The Killer Ladybug Dropping

as you may recall, i have a special interest in bellydancer droppings. tonight, i bring you a special update on a killer ladybug:

this ladybug attacked a dancer on november 21, 2004. it was captured within hours. this ladybug is permanently out of circulation and no longer a threat to performers, but please be careful, this ladybug might have accomplices that are still at large (or small, really).

a word to other ladybugs: don’t mess with my dancers. Continue reading

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Announcing DCTribal to the bellydance community!!

friends and dancers:

a quick note to announce the inception of

we seek to provide support to local, regional and east coast tribal and belly dancers by providing a forum for information and resource sharing, and through hosting workshops and performances by nationally and internationally recognized teachers and dancers. in 2005 we will host the SPARK tour, Fat Chance Belly Dance/Carolena Nericcio, and Suhaila. we will also host informal parties and get togethers to discuss belly dance and how we can continue to support each other in our endeavors.

we are still working away at bringing other talented teachers and dancers…stay tuned or contact us for more information.

as a founder of DCTribal i hope that this project will continue to nurture and grow the energy for belly dance in the region, the east coast, and throughout!

peace, love and lots of happy shimmies…

marta & sera
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dance photography auction for the women of sudan

i’ll be contributing three pieces to the silient auction at the benefit for the women of sudan on november 14 at casablanca in alexandria.

not only do you get to see more than a dozen of the area’s best dancers come together to in response to one of the greatest human tragedies of modern times, but you could go home with one of these three prints…

from left to right, i present asharah, lotus niraja and lucy, all of whom are not only lending their talent and passion to this benefit, but have allowed me to give a little too.
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