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the superstars on the end of mcenroe

so, the superstars made cable this week with an appearnace on the second-to-last mcenroe show on cnbc. and in classic form, the form hits a speedbump on the way to the mainstream.

McEnroe: When you dance, are your clothes on at all times?

Sonia: What do you think?

McEnroe: I’m hoping they aren’t

Sonia: Of course they are.

ugh. sorry about that. Continue reading

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Rachel’s back

I just picked up the newest/latest feed from rachel brice – from her new (?) group (, now available on this site here and as part of the bellydance, fusion/experimental and of course, categories.

any other requests out there? Continue reading

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The Benefit of Bellydancer Droppings

From the Voice of Roma benefit show, brought to us by artemis, I present for your bemusement, the droppings of the day:

coming to you in three sizes, and various shades of gold (or is that copper?)

Coincidence? I think not…

Now, I just need someone to explain to me what this means… Continue reading

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