Baltimore Bellydance needs you

calling baltimore-area dancers, baltimore bellydance needs your help.

i’m doing this for nerissa, and because i can’t in good conscience, commit to a full year working with them… the last thing i want to do is get into something as important as this and then have to abandon it in a few months.

Currently, I am seeking one or two other people to help me run Baltimore Bellydance, both the newsletter and website, for at least the next year or so. There is no pay, this is and always has been a labor of love. If the newsletter breaks even, it’s a good issue. If you are interested and have the time to invest, there are lots of jobs that get done all the time to keep Baltimore Bellydance going.

Design skills are a plus, web skills are a big plus. Love of dance, creatvity & accountability are essential, as is an understanding of working on deadline. The newsletter is produced on a MAC platform in Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. What you’ll get in return — the satisfaction of being part of an organization that helps unite dancers and inform the Balto and DC communities of all that is going on with our art form.

baltimore’s local dance scene is making great progress in the past couple years, and nerissa needs your help. so, if you’ve got the skills, please consider stepping up and helping baltimore bellydance not just keep going, but reach the next level.

nerissa is good people. she needs you now.

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