significant changes and upgrades

If you’re a regular visitor, by the time you see this, you’ll probably have noticed that there are major changes here… I just wanted to give you a quick rundown…

* The “dance around the web” (formerly “news around the web”) aggregator is now pulling several more groups, including, perhaps most interestingly, the DC Tribal feed. You can see that here. This system is now pulling material from almost 100 sites around the web so they’re available here in one place for quick browsing. If you’re not familiar with how the aggregator works, I definitely suggest checking it out. Of course, if you know of something out there that you’d like to see brought in here, let me know where it is, and I’ll get it set up.

* Location information is now consistent across the entire site. For most kinds of material you can put here, you can now tag it with the general geographic location. This is an upgrade from the Events Calendar system. If you’re posting something that is relevant to a specific place, I strongly suggest you tag it where possible. What this lets us do is break down all the content on the site into categories. That means if you’re only interested in your own neighborhood, you can skip right to the stuff you care about – virginia or charities.

* We’re now using a two-column format and the aggregated feeds are off the front page. Hopefully this will make the front-page less confusing for people when they come in new.

* If you’ve created an account here, you can tailor the material you see on the front page, just visit “my account” and then “edit” – you’ll see a section called “Block configuration” – from there, just check the stuff you want to see (and uncheck the stuff you don’t want to see).

* I’ve removed the performance photography samples and link from the front page. It’s a step in the direction of making this site more about you and less about me. If you’re interested in my stuff in the business of dance, it’s still available from my profile – and for all of you that have a website, jump in there and fill out a profile and make sure all the relevant links are included.

* For advanced users, syndication from this site now includes several options – see the “more” link next to the XML button for details.

* There is still a lot to do – so suggestions always welcome!

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