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email is broken

just a quick note to any dancers that have been trying to reach me lately – i’ve tracked down at least two different people who tried to send email recently that didn’t make it to me. no explanations, no pattern – two different people in two different states. so, just to get on the record here, if you haven’t heard from me, it’s not because i’m ignoring you… i probably don’t know you’re waiting.

to compound issues, i’ve had [paper] mail trouble lately (surprise letters from a month ago showing up) and phone trouble. kinda having a general communication breakdown, i suppose.

please try again. don’t give up on me.

update: with the public announcement, there are now four people suffering from email black holes. one is partially resolved (sending again did work) – the rest are still a mystery. Continue reading

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what’s the point? the calendar

i just want to throw a little push in here for all the visitors – what’s the point of this site, really?

well, it started with the calendar problem. i was trying to schedule my photo-work around a large and expanding community of dancers, spread across a fairly large geographic region. as you can imagine, there’s something happening somewhere pretty much all the time, so it becomes an exercise in prioritization. but to prioritize, you have to know what’s available. and therein lies the rub.

what i found in my personal experience was two kinds of calendars – the individual, personal calendar, which has the advantage of being kept very up-to-date, but the disadvantage of covering a big geographic area (see artemis), for one person, making much of the information… well… useless. the other calendar is the regional organization calendar, which has the advantage of geographic focus and performer diversity, but the problem that it’s usually just one person that has to do all the updates, so sometimes the calendar gets out-of-sync with reality.
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Bellydance is the hook for an article on

the boston globe is running a story on (the site), but… the hook in the story is dance.

It’s after 9 p.m. on a winter Wednesday, and the Boston Bellydance Meetup is just getting underway. Ten people sit around a long table at the Middle East Restaurant in Cambridge wrestling with a tricky problem: how to transport a sword through US airports.

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Miles Copeland in the news

it’s a pretty big deal when bellydance makes the “real media,” so here are a few clips from the bigger universe…

an article on miles copeland and the birth of the superstars, from the free new mexican: Post-punk entrepreneur Miles Copeland’s bellydance diplomacy

from the pop music critic of the cleveland plain dealer: Success story goes on for Miles

interview in the free times (ohio): Soundcheck : Miles Copeland : Manager and Label Owner Continue reading

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Congratulations Samira and Dance from the Heart

just a nod from me for a great show and a good cause… it seems the dance from the heart show in dc was an all-around success. Continue reading

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Nathalie Krassovska

A Russian-born ballerina who toured the United States for many years with the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo and was known for her lyricism. She was 86. Continue reading

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Victor Castelli

a soloist with the New York City Ballet; he was 52 Continue reading

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Some silly information about this site

since it seems i hardly get to spend any time at my desk anymore, i thought i’d bring along the 2004 logs from the dance site to play with on the road… as a mostly pointless, but distracting exercise. so, with a couple tools and a pile of data, here’s some silly things i thought i’d share with you about this site. it’s sad when you’re looking for “something else” to do on the laptop just for a change of pace. blech.

first, some popular search queries… what’s bringing people to this little corner of the web? let’s go to the tape… the top 50 queries of 2004 are:
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Thank you, dancers – Jan 30th Photoshoot

just a quick word of thanks to all the dancers (and their friends) that participated in the photoshoot this past weekend…

special thanks to Sahara Dance for supporting this little experiment.

(since these dancers dance as a set, i thought i’d put them together as a set…)

i also want to publicly thank blaze for excellent technical support through the day. Continue reading

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