Congratulations Samira and Dance from the Heart

just a nod from me for a great show and a good cause… it seems the dance from the heart show in dc was an all-around success.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Roger! Ya know, I coul Thanks Roger! Ya know, I couldn’t have done it without the help and support of some wonderful people. So, in appreciation, here’s the “thank you” page from the event- for those who didn’t have a chance to see the program.

    Hot 99.5 – Donations and public service announcements
    Omar Faruk Tekbilek – Support and silent auction donations
    Metropolitan Galleries Inc – Silent auction donations
    Vicky and Josh – Silent auction donations and printing services
    Jessica “M” Perez – Accountant extraordinaire
    Staples, Columbia Crossing – Printing services
    Mary Elizabeth Ehrhardt – Silent auction table and lots of support
    Jeff and Sarah Koenig – Sound system components and beautiful Amazon door support
    Joseph Wheeler – Press release submissions, silent auction liaison, music man
    Artemis Mourat – Guidance, good cheer and wisdom
    Lucy – Support and enthusiasm
    Brandon’s Oasis – Support and promotion
    Karma and Ellie – Atmosphere, venue and good karma!
    Roger Wood – Photography, Website:
    Camilla Karamella and Mr. Ahmet – our secret special guest performers
    DCTribal – Wonderful ideas and support, website:
    Aaron Staub – Door and so much patience, love and support

    Thank you of course to our wonderful performers- we are fortunate to have such a generous community of dancers.

    Thank you to YOU, our audience. Together we are all making a difference.

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