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since it seems i hardly get to spend any time at my desk anymore, i thought i’d bring along the 2004 logs from the dance site to play with on the road… as a mostly pointless, but distracting exercise. so, with a couple tools and a pile of data, here’s some silly things i thought i’d share with you about this site. it’s sad when you’re looking for “something else” to do on the laptop just for a change of pace. blech.

first, some popular search queries… what’s bringing people to this little corner of the web? let’s go to the tape… the top 50 queries of 2004 are:

inul daratista (this post about inul datatista is one of the oldest posts here, so it’s obviously gathered the most momentum).
melodia pants (presumably coming for this post from marta)
dance theatre of harlem (item here – which, actually, is a bit out of date. there’s more to the story now.)
rachel brice (a legend in her own space)
gambar telanjang (which is in a comment about inul daratista, see above)
najla video clip (here)
rai music (so far, only mentioned here, so someone should have something more to say)
atash maya (which is a syndication feed brought to this site here)
maria antonieta pons (an obituary)
anastasia volochkova (two items about the famous ice-cream-loving russian ballerina)
extreme flexibility (news from medicine
sahara dance (a local school)
samira photos (perhaps not the samira they intended, but we have a stunning dancer)
amar gamal (mentioned in march and june
najla clip
najla singer
interpretive dance (this event)
samira dresden
rakkasah east
bellydance blog
summer dance party
sharon kihara
dance blog
inul daratista telanjang
bellydance superstars
rachel kay brookmire
rachel brice dvd
tel aviv cafe bethesda
livejournal communities
faten salama
christina petro
gothic bellydance
experimental dance
najla video
tribal costume
batman dance
dancers portfolio
taste of morocco arlington
bella lewitzky
lucy bowman
gothic dance
raqs gothique
inul daratista picture
gothic belly dance

lots of personal references – so congratulations to inul, najla, rachel (of the west), amar, samira, sharon, rachel (of the east), anastasia, faten, christina, bella, and lucy – people are looking for you. (as an aside, if you’re one of those, or someone else people have come looking for, you may want to make sure your personal profile has useful information in it…)

anyway, that’s what’s popular… here are some queries that may make you go “hmmmm..?”

compose a ballet
how to ask someone to winter formal dance
holiday tea pictures
guys forced to wear leotards for dance
robotic dance moves clips
mood vs emotion
these are your hips
how do you get eyelash glue off??
guys with perm rods in their hair
knee hi’s history
i see lipstick
drum circle babes
pirate hairdos
house in desert
where was yahoo invented
jack sparrow scarf
i am pregnant
write a letter for a sentencing hearing in ga

i hope some of these people found what they were looking for (others, i’m not so sure i want to know that they can find what they’re looking for…)

and now that i’ve wasted some time playing with google… back to the grind. see you on the flipside….

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