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Pittsburgh covers the Spark tour

great article from the pittsburgh city paper.

[Jill] Parker says she recently spoke with belly-dance legend Suhaila Salimpour: “We’re in agreement that here we’re setting the trends in belly dance for the world, even in the Middle East. They’re looking to the West now to see where it’s going because there’s so much more interest in it here.”

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Spring theater shoot

i’m beginning to put together plans for another theater photo shoot (examples on that link). so, to that end, i have two questions for the visitors here…

1) if you were there, or wanted to be there, for the last event, tell me what you thought of it, how to improve it and what should be different this time…

2) if you’d like to participate in the next one, tell me (either here or via email).

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who owns a legacy?

crossing lawyers and intellectual property and family loyalty and public performance gets you some strange beasts. this case comes from al bawaba, deep in the heart of egypt.

Tahiya Karioka’s inheritors threaten Fifi Abdo with lawsuit

Inheritors’ of the late Egyptian belly dancer Tahiya Karioka threatened to file a lawsuit against prominent belly dancer Fifi Abdo if she went on with her project of making a television drama about the late dancer. The late dancer’s nephew Osama Husni Al-Jiddawi threatened Abdo that the heritage of his late aunt belongs to him and his family and no one could use the story without the inheritors’ permission.

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defending dance

from an opinionated individual down on the flipside of the planet, we find In defence of belly dancing

which is really more of a commentary on policy and perception than on dance, but it’s important. Continue reading

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bellydance scores highest in china

i just love the scoring system with this one…. from piao in china, ?Dancing Up A Storm

Belly dancing
Fun factor: 5/5 Fit factor: 4/5

Fun factor: 4/5 Fit factor: 4/5

Fun factor: 3/5 Fit factor: 3.5/5

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male bellydancers in asheville. oh, and it’s a workout too

from the asheville citizen-times, deep in the mountains of north carolina…. Belly dancing can be quite a workout

[Onca] O’Leary [Baraka Mundi] said the idea that belly dancing is some sort of exotic dance performed by women is very American.

“In native cultures, belly dancing is folk dancing,” she said. “It’s something everyone does – men, women and children. It’s a very egalitarian art form.”

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bellydance tests in nebraska

since i haven’t taken a whole lot of bellydance classes, i don’t know if the written test part is common, but it got my attention in this story from the la vista sun (omaha)…

Belly dancers learn ancient art in La Vista [warning: popup-friendly site]

Besides practicing the basic moves of belly dancing, the students also learn about the history. They study Turkish, Egyptian and Arabic styles and music to pass a written test.

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tribal lessons in oregon

from the oregonian, Mastering the ancient art of shaking it

“As you progress, one gets intuitive about where the dance is going and what’s going to happen next,” said Kim Ekman-White, 54, an instructor with the Northeast Portland-based Caravan Studio who teaches the class. “It’s really an awesome skill that develops in a natural way.”

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jersey dance stories

north jersey comes in with this piece, Art in motion.

“The best way to describe belly dance is art in motion,” says Lois Marshall, 49. Marshall, whose stage name is Salwa, is the director of Aalim Belly Dance, which has 150 students. She has been belly dancing for 27 years.

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palm beach belly dance fitness

another fitness-related article, this time from the palm beach post, Belly dance your way to cardiovascular fitness.

“Once I got started, it was really fun,” said Sandy Wiseman, 62, a Palm Beach Gardens resident who began taking the class last month. “It’s cardiovascular. You’re just profusely sweating. You get so much benefit, but you have fun at the same time.”

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