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Navel gazing

the superstars coming to wales… with quotable moments from miles… Navel gazing

“People told me The Police wouldn’t be big, but they were huge,” he [Miles Copeland] says..

“People have similarly told me belly dancing won’t take off – but when you can see the potential in something different, and it becomes really big, it gives you a real feeling of self-confidence.

“The Police and Bellydance Superstars are the two things I’ve done that are the most revolutionary for their time.”

“It’s the middle-eastern percussion and the rhythm,” explains Copeland.. “It’s very hard to sit down and be passive, because it just makes you want to get up and move. We’ve got dancers who are beautiful and glamorous and at the top of their game – it’s quite a stunning show.”

“From a man’s perspective it’s a celebration of the beauty of a woman without encouraging the baser instincts of the male mind,” Copeland says.
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Auditioning for the superstars

two experiences, as presented by the gilded serpent, here.

But in order to survive that first audition one must have an extensive background in Western choreographed dance forms such as jazz, modern or ballet, as well as belly dance.

She told me to take more ballet.

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Sita sings the blues

Nina Paley brings us Sita sings the blues

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it’s national dance week

It’s national dance week (April 22 – May 1)….

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Right on the button, in Newcastle

from icNewcastle, Right on the button

“While some would say that belly dance is an art of seduction, others believe that – as the only dance created by women for women – it is a celebration of the woman as a woman.

“As such, it has become a recognised self-esteem builder, a dance to be enjoyed and participated in no matter what your age, size, or shape,” he [Miles Copeland] says.

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American Bellydancer comes to Kansas

from the kansas city star, It’s all in the belly

“It is,” [World Dance Studios director Anya] Lahara said. “But belly dance was never intended for male enticement. Never. And that’s where the belly-dance movement is going. Women are doing it for themselves.”

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photographs and movement

it’s a bit of a specialty of mine, i guess…. so i direct your attention to some discussion of the subject over on livejournal. Continue reading

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new bellydance widget – what’s your color?

my latest evil creation… now available to everyone:

Bellydance Color Widget

come, play. enjoy…

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skipping the gym

from the star (maylasia), Asian women take up belly-dancing in lieu of gym workout

From teenage schoolgirls to businesswomen and housewives, belly-dancing students say learning how to undulate their bodies and sway their hips is more fun than the traditional exercises available in the gym.

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Doris Eaton Travis, 101 and kicking

from the bbc, Broadway dancer, 101, in new show

A 101-year-old dancer who first appeared on Broadway in 1918 is to perform at the New York theatre where she began her career.

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