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icwales reviews the bellydance superstars

Review: Bellydance Superstars

The ‘superstars’ themselves were individually mesmerising, true artists with perfect technique. There were dance sequences from Bollywood and Polynesia mixed with the more traditional Turkish and Egyptian dances. There were multi-coloured veils, giant golden fans, acrobatics and even a bellydancer on stilts. A veritable feast for the eyes.

While most of the dances were performed to taped music (not altogether successfully, at least at the start), live music was introduced in the shape of Issam, a master percussionist from Damascus.

and their conclusion?

A belly-wobbling 4.5 out of 5

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photo piece in the new york times

you’ll have to register to see it, but…. if you do, you can see 10 years of dance in photographs, from a piece in the new york times magazine, here from photographer elinor carucci. Continue reading

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Sharing dance information at wikimedia

Wikimedia recently crossed the 100,000-article threshold, and that got my attention enough to see what they had about dance.

turns out, not a whole lot… so if you’ve got something to contribute, drop by. Continue reading

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what miles is doing this fall

in case you were interested in the opportunities that may have played into the delay of the us tour for the bellydance superstars… here’s a clue.

from the daily star (may 23, 2005): What a message. What a tribute

His present project is intriguing. Copeland will take a handful of Arab performers to New Mexico and film them while they perform for a U.S. audience. Sometimes they’ll be paired with American performers. “My brother [former Police drummer Stewart Copeland] is gonna get me musicians – Carlos Santana hopefully. The lead singer from Incubus is really interested in doing something.”

The camera will follow some through their American adventure. He will start filming sometime between November 2005 and January 2006. As the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is funding the two-hour documentary, it will broadcast on the U.S. public broadcasting network, PBS. Copeland then wants to distribute the film in the Middle East.

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Xiante Iman

from the tri-town transcript (boston area), Not your typical dance studio …

“I find this type of dance completely empowering,” said Suzanne Woodhouse, a student from Amesbury who has been studying under Iman for the past three years. “To learn the dance, you must find a place of strength inside yourself. You have to learn how to surrender and connect with the earth.”

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Yet again… new calendar

Drop by the new calendar and let me know what you think…

…and don’t forget to get your upcoming events in here!

As part of this transition, you’ll notice that the “past events” are gone – there weren’t any comments attached, and while I generally don’t like breaking things that people may have linked to, I figured better to go ahead and do that now while the site is relatively small. Continue reading

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Congratulations Sahara Dance

Just a quick congratulatory note to Sahara Dance and the hundred-ish dancers that survived Saturday’s marathon….

Great show, dancers… I hope you enjoyed it.

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Nefertiti’s Night Out in Springfield, Missouri

from the News-Leader, Concert connects with Middle East traditions:

“I want to establish a Middle Eastern connection with people who don’t have it,” Banaei says. “Americans can belly dance. That’s why it’s here.”

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UK news covering the superstars

several pieces lately…

from This is Local London, Dance styles to fit everyone:

The troupe’s instructional and performance DVDs are already international best-sellers, and a new CD/DVD combo simply entitled Bellydance Superstars and The Desert Roses released last month looks set to follow that success.

from the Telegraph, I haven’t got the stomach for this:

That doesn’t sound very Arabian. Nor is it. For, despite exotic stage-names such as Petite Jamilla and Amar Gamal, the Bellydance Superstars are all, in fact, Americans, who chanced upon belly-dance at gym or dance classes before taking it up professionally. “We have Italian-Americans, CubanAmericans, African-Americans, everything except Arab-Americans,” says Miles Copeland, matter-of-factly. “I just can’t find an Arab.”

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An exploration of Persian architecture Continue reading

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