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several pieces lately…

from This is Local London, Dance styles to fit everyone:

The troupe’s instructional and performance DVDs are already international best-sellers, and a new CD/DVD combo simply entitled Bellydance Superstars and The Desert Roses released last month looks set to follow that success.

from the Telegraph, I haven’t got the stomach for this:

That doesn’t sound very Arabian. Nor is it. For, despite exotic stage-names such as Petite Jamilla and Amar Gamal, the Bellydance Superstars are all, in fact, Americans, who chanced upon belly-dance at gym or dance classes before taking it up professionally. “We have Italian-Americans, CubanAmericans, African-Americans, everything except Arab-Americans,” says Miles Copeland, matter-of-factly. “I just can’t find an Arab.”

So he and his girls have spent two years – and half a million of his dollars – trekking round the world in search of success. The signs are good: Copeland is about to form a second company of Superstars.

One will perform a two-month residency in Monaco, while the other remains on the road. Despite being a multi-millionaire, he is still out every night, selling programmes and souvenir T-shirts from the merchandise stand. He even watches every performance, which he says he never bothered to do with Sting or, as Copeland calls him, “Stung, since he’s past tense.”

His dancers take up the theme. Rachel Brice leads the Superstars’ “tribal” group, whose costumes are much edgier. She has a gypsy-punk look, complete with porcupine quills and boar tusks in her hair, and a floral tattoo that winds enticingly from her lower belly over one hip to her backside. “There are so many levels to belly-dance,” Rachel says. “It’s great if you’re into performance, fitness, costume, make-up, anything.”

“Or just if you’re into good-looking women,” I suggest.

She stares pointedly. “That’s my least favourite element. That’s one of the reasons I like to perform a little strangely. It takes that whole ‘Yeah baby!’ thing away. It puts a bit of fear into the audience.”

and from ic north wales, Bellydancers take the world by storm:

Its authentic Arabic music and dance extravaganza has been a total out-ofthe-box success for the troupe and music business legend, Miles Copeland, their manager and founder.

and some thoughts from me… the age range “between 21 and 38” is strongly emphasized in this bunch of articles. miles and his quotes and comments are still very prominent, as is the comparison to riverdance.

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