Xiante Iman

from the tri-town transcript (boston area), Not your typical dance studio …

“I find this type of dance completely empowering,” said Suzanne Woodhouse, a student from Amesbury who has been studying under Iman for the past three years. “To learn the dance, you must find a place of strength inside yourself. You have to learn how to surrender and connect with the earth.”

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4 Responses to Xiante Iman

  1. where is she now? says:

    where can xiante be found now?
    I thought she was phenomenal when I attended her seminar……..

  2. lynnette says:

    far as i know the goddess is still in new orleans, resuing animals.

  3. Richardson says:

    if my last post took, she did go back to NOLA again with animal rescue, I guess an ongoing thing now, and then does animal transports when theres some kind of disaster. But still doing the sacred dance, seldom posts online tho, I know there some big project shes been busy with. cant wait to see.

  4. Mara Mor says:

    Where is she? I thought she moved to NYC? I might be visiting NYC and want to find her!

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