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congratulations, lucy

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New features

Just a few things, quickly…..

You’ll find a new “feedback” link on the left. That will let you get in touch with me just by filling out a form.

The set of “links” is now optional – you can turn that off by visiting “my account” from the main menu.

I’ve also added a little item to allow you to change the font size on the site, if you find it difficult to read, just click on the bigger “A.” That item is also optional, if you’d like to clean up the screen just a little.

And while you’re on the “my account” page, you may notice that several fields are now “public” – you can opt to share your general location (state/country) and contact information (aim/icq/yahoo/etc), as well as a bio and “interests.” I’ve also added a space for the bellydancer color link-code to the “professional information” profile. All of this stuff is completely optional, but in the interest of community you can share if you’d like to.
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This site needs you – suggestions and more

I’m starting to look at the roadmap for the future of this site, and one of my main goals is to make this more “community” and less “me.” To that end, I’m interested in your thoughts on this site, how it works, how it looks, what it should do, what it shouldn’t do, and anything else that comes to mind…

What I know is coming (although I can’t promise exactly when…) is a completely updated and more-functional event calendar. I’ll also be adding some collaboration tools, so you’ll be able to coordinate a little better than the existing “need help” or “talent“-type public material.

I also know that the site is pretty geek-oriented and not particularly dancer-friendly, so tell me where I should focus to make it easier to understand and use.

So, please share your thoughts here in the comments, or take advantage of the new feedback form, which comes only to me.
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