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Sacramento Bee thinks this is getting popular

from the Sacramento Bee, via, Getting hip to belly dance

In Sacramento, the annual Fair Oaks Renaissance Tudor Fayre used to have one belly dance troupe perform; this weekend, it will have six performing all day on a special stage.

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rachel hops off the bellybus

announced here, rachel brice will be off the bellybus and doing creative things of her own for the first half of 2006.

mixed blessings, that… since she probably won’t be coming back to my part of the world, so i wish you well, rachel… come see us again sometime! Continue reading

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photo locations

with the spring recital season coming to a close, and the oppressive heat of the mid-atlantic summer seemingly upon us, i’m looking for interesting locations to go play with dancers in a more “natural” (sun-light) environment.

there’s obvious stuff – waterfalls, beaches, monuments and the like, but i’m also interested in things “out there” – factories, abandoned buildings and such.

if you already know of a really great location to go spend some time… or if you have a request for a particular kind of location… or if you’d just like to come along on a scouting trip or two with me… let me know here. let the summer of adventure begin….
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Samira pride in DC

one of our very own, not only made the cut, but managed to get the top slot in the washington blade’s photo essay, Pride 2005 – Festival.

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Staten Island dancing

from staten island live, Dancing bellies, 6,000 years later

“In every form of dancing they’re telling you to do things that aren’t natural for the body — to suck everything in, to hold your arms straight. Belly dancing is the one type of dance where instead of holding everything in, you can let it all out.”

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Dolphina in Alaska

on the occasion of a signing…

In a league of her own

“Belly dancing is not about your body being perfect right now,” she said. “It’s no-impact. It’s about getting you to try moving and doing something that’s fun. Squats and sit-ups are not fun.

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Margaret Cho in the San Jose Mercury News

previously mentioned here, margaret’s blog made second-paragraph mention in a major news outlet…

A warmer Cho gets hot about politics

“It’s an unfair time — an unconstitutional, very racist, very homophobic time. We’ve lost our way as a country, and it’s very frustrating. But I’m an entertainer, and I know a lot of times that anger doesn’t translate well into good performance or good writing. You have to have a measure of humanity. I want to have a good show. And I want to do something with it.”

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Akon heads to Nigeria

keeping a finger on the pulse of music… this might be a difficult concert to attend, but you may find the tracks…

Akon storms Nigeria

The reason for this, Akon says, “There are a lot of negative things going on today and so we need to party and just have fun. Bananza… is a party record. You just go in the club, party and enjoy those beautiful women.”

However, life does not solely revolve around beautiful women and leisure time and Akon is well aware of this.

On the somber, soulful “Ghetto” and the meditative, impressive “Journey,” Akon gives listeners an in depth look into a harsher world, one that is just as gripping as it is chilling. But rather than sensationalize his own drama, Akon transmits, to his audience, the feeling of being a part of his inner circle.

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Film reviews at BellaOnline

first, bellaonline has a bellydance editor… and that’s pretty newsworthy all unto itself.

The World Inside Middle Eastern Dance Making Rounds By Way of Documentary Film Projects

To give a glimpse into this mystifying and costumed world, a variety of documentary projects are acting as that portal of insight and information: “American Bellydancer”, “Tribal Style” and “Aiwa!: Bellydancers of Color”.

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Oojami in the Boston Herald

i could do without the sandwich reference on this one, but…

Turkey club: Oojami makes a musical sandwich

“We’re trying to connect with people, cross over and build up the bridge and defuse the negative feelings between cultures. But most important, we want people to have a good time because we live in a world and in times that are difficult. We need to go out and help put a smile on people’s faces.”

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